One Tough Bitch

Client: Hazlitt Magazine – Penguin Randomhouse

Category: Illustration

Year: 2019

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An illustration paired with a first hand account of an EMT about the opioid crisis in the age of Narcan.

This article is a firsthand account of an EMT who is navigating the opioid crisis in the age if Narcan. With the rise of overdosing, so has the need for Narcan pens, bringing junkies back from the edge of death, like magic eraser juice. This illustration is a play on “pushing daisies” on the left, a metaphor for being dead and buried, paired with a dreamlike quality of colors of what it may feel or look like while being on drugs, with the right side being surrounded by the needles that they used to inject the drugs. One hand on life, and one hand on death.